Food manufacturing – How does food manufacturing make analytics more consumable?

Simon Farrell.

Most industries amass loads of data, the food and beverage manufacturing industry is no different. Being able to balance the quality and freshness of the ingredients, coupled with their shelf life and at the same time delivering the best quality products will create a lot of machine and computer data. If used correctly and analysed correctly this data can be a valuable asset.

Whilst it is often recognised that analytics holds the key to improved processes, better knowledge of consumer trends and strategic projections, most senior figures in food manufacturing have stated that the tools, skills and capability is not strong enough to support their business.

To be able to really affect change in your business you need to view your business from all angles and focus on what lies ahead, looking at technology for the future and applying it and adapting it to your business model. Every business is different and needs to be treated as such.

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