Food manufacturing – Technology: CTO as a Service for medium sized manufacturers

Steve Miles.

Death and taxes…

There are not many things that are certain in life, however, in this increasingly technology enabled era that we now find ourselves in, one thing is certain – small and medium sized food manufacturing businesses that view technology as critical to improving business will very quickly soon outpace their peers in terms of business growth. I am not referring to manufacturing / production line technology here, I am talking about the technology that sits inside the office alongside the production lines.

ERP systems are often insufficient on their own. They may contain large amounts of data that can be used to gain visibility into business operations and underpin informed management decisions, however, the known problems with ERP are widespread. There is often difficulty in finding the data needed to perform the analysis needed to provide the insights that management really need. Data may be siloed or inaccessible to users, preventing any reasonable ROI being realised from the investementin ERP. Hence, integration with Business Intelligence platforms is now becoming increasingly necessary as competition in the industry tightens.

In order to compete food manufacturers need a technology infrastructure that supports and helps drive their business strategy. It is not just streamlining workflows, reducing time spent on duplicating data entry and inefficient processes, or the barrage of compliance reporting that needs a food manufacturer’s focus. Increasingly, the ability to gain better insights into a food manufacturer’s customers, competitors, products, and markets is the key to driving business growth.

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