Food manufacturing – Technology: enabling better management and performance

Graham Burchell.

Technology revolution: Do or die?

Managing a food manufacturing business in today’s market is tough. Investment in technology is a Catch 22. How do you find the resources – time and money – for new technology when your team is flat out running the business and managing day-to-day pressures?

Manufacturing is undergoing a technology revolution. More automation, moreinformation, more software and processing capability, with increased connectivity enables more efficient processes. The speed of change and the breadth of technology options make it difficultto steerthe right course. `

Failure to keep up with technology could see more agile competitors with faster product development cycles and leaner cost structures and start to erode your market position.

Success offers the possibility of happier customers, increasing sales, more efficient production and greater profits. The challenge is to use technology as an enabler to help achieve your business goals – improving customer service, increasing the speed of new product development, improving production efficiency, and reducing costs. This includes support in vital areas such as tracking food safety and traceability, collecting and using food chain data, intelligent packing, regulatory information – HACCP, BRC, GFSI and more.

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