Management Insight – Accelerating Growth in Manufacturing

Matthew Good

Technology innovation is accelerating at an incredible pace. In order to compete manufacturing companies need an information technology (IT) infrastructure that supports and helps drive their business strategy. However, the straightforward fact is that most businesses are woefully inadequate when it comes to technology enablement and harnessing technology change.

Typically, most small and medium sized manufacturers struggle to understand how IT solutions can help their business and springboard accelerated growth. Smart factories, Industry 4.0, IOT are all too futuristic and expensive. Firms generally struggle to contain technology costs anyway, and often fail to implement new solutions as a result of expected increases in overall cost of IT ownership in addition to the fear of disruption to the business.

However, if applied appropriately, IT change can be delivered efficiently, with minimum disruption to the business and should provide for a positive, early return on investment at each step of the journey. The key to accelerated growth is aligning business and technology strategy. This alignment must then be supported by the provision of the right management information and insight at the right time. Times are changing and the harsh reality for some is that this is rapidly becoming a do or die scenario.

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