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New CRM Solution: UK National Charity


Our client, a national charity offering support to vulnerable migrants across the UK, is the UK government’s primary supplier
of migrant and asylum seeker support and the first point of contact when entering the UK. Last year they supported
approximately 180,000 migrants and asylum seekers. In 2016 the Home Office launched an initiative to improve
Government systems and now require all case information to be submitted electronically to a new centralised IPT platform.
Failure to integrate seamlessly to the Home Office platform within the deadline would result in losing this government
contract (an earlier attempt had failed to deliver).


  • Review existing systems that record all case information.
  • Understand the business processes used to gather information.
  • Redesign their CRM system to record the information required by the Home Office.
  • Design and build interface to Home Office IPT system, meeting the requirements of the Home Office XSD.

Agreed Solution

  • Deliver a cloud based CRM solution.
  • Secure communications service between the cloud and Home Office.
  • Minimise disruption and staff training time.
  • Ensure all historical data remained available in the new system.

Realised Benefits

  • Allowed our client to become the sole provider of Migrant and Asylum support for the UK government.
  • Improve the productivity of support staff allowing more time to deal with individual cases.
  • Provide a system capable of scaling in line with government requirements.

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