ACS Consulting and Carbon Cloud Partnership

June 2018,ACS Consulting and Carbon Cloud Partnership

ACS delighted to announce the formalisation of their strategic partnership with Carbon Cloud. This follows an extended period of the two organisations working together to bring transformational technology services to the Financial Services and Banking sectors.

The first joint technology proposition launched to the market is designed to help enterprises overcome the challenges they face with cyber-security and compliance, particularly in the post-GDPR era. It is forecast that there will be a cyber-security staffing shortfall of 350,000 people in Europe by 2020 and that over $80b will be spent countering the risk of breaches. ACS and Carbon Cloud are joining forces to help enterprises counter these threats through the use of next-generation Cyber-security tools, AI and machine learning.

This partnership gives clients access to an extended pool of resources and extends the capability of both organisations. ACS and Carbon Cloud are confident that they will become the go-to-partner for organisations looking for an end to end solution for cyber-security management.

Matt Good, CEO at ACS Consulting said, “I am delighted to announce our partnership with Carbon Cloud, a specialist IT consultancy and managed services provider with significant experience of working with emerging and next-gen technologies. The business has a focus on encryption and security technologies that allow customers to increase security, decrease risk and lower reliance on human intervention”.

Further details of the Cyber-Security for Financial Services proposition will be released shortly.

For further details on the partnership please contact:-
Matt Good
Wayne Emerson

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