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The FCA has opted to purposely not provide any working definition of conduct risk, and there is no blueprint as to how to manage the emerging requirement The challenge for most organisations will be to demonstrate and evidence that governance expectations have been met without duplicating or (unnecessarily) re-engineering current processes and procedures.

Our thought leadership in the Conduct Risk and Technology arenas will help demystify and enable conduct risk management for you. At ACS, we believe that financial institutions should develop a strategy to incorporate elements such as:

    1. How can we ensure customers are treated by the organisation in respect of financial services and products that meet their needs?
    2. Does the organisation prioritise commercial interests over consumer issues? Are innovations in the consumer’s best interest?
    3. How do the organisation need to behave?
    4. How does the organisation manage its conflicts of interest?
    5. How does the organisation compete with its peers?
    6. How do remuneration schemes influence the behaviour of staff?
    7. How does the message from the top articulate a positive culture and motivate behaviour?
    8. How does the behaviour of the organisations staff impact on it’s product and price stability?

Conduct Risk, Strategy and Big Data Technology

ACS are currently helping financial institutions redefine their strategy to meet the anticipated expectations of customers, the FCA and others. We work with the C Suite to design, implement and embed effective conduct risk frameworks. We can help articulate the synergies between reputation, culture and conduct in your organisation and increase the effectiveness of GRC resilience.

We have the capability to design and deliver effective remediation with the use of leading edge Big Data technologies, enabling significant and sustainable reductions in the total costs associated with GRC

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