Cyber Risk: Prevention is better than cure

Matthew Good

We’re all far too aware that Cyber Crime is developing at a phenomenal rate. What’s clear is that the Antivirus industry can’t keep up with hackers. There are more than 1,200,000 new viruses per day and after two years of research, Google has shown that it has successfully broken SHA-1 encryption. Last year the National Cyber Security Centre reported 65% of large UK firms detected a cyber security breach or attack in the past year.

The question we find our clients constantly asking is ‘what cyber risk strategy should we follow?’

Broadly speaking, there are 7 strategies to defend your systems:
1. Implement Application Control
2. Ensure proper configuration / patch management
3. Understand and reduce your attack surface area
4. Build a defendable environment
5. Manage authentication
6. Implement secure remote access
7. Monitor and respond

Critically, from a Cyber Risk perspective, prevention is better than cure. Comparing Malware Protection Solutions is not straightforward and we are also often asked ‘which strategies actually block the most important cyber-security threats?’

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