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Data Quality Validation Framework


Obtaining adequate data quality (DQ) is one of the key challenges the banking Industry faces. The Tier 1 UK Banking Client engaged ACS to design and implement a suitable data quality validation framework for Group Risk and regulatory reporting purposes. . It is critical that data is generally processed efficiently through appropriate checks and cleansing processes to ensure that the data warehouse is both complete and contains data that reflects the true business facts, thus adequately supporting stakeholders in the decision making process.

Given the huge number of DQ checks that occur in most data warehousing processes, the proposed solutions needed to be both effective and reusable.


A Validation Framework solution was proposed and implemented by ACS. This not only addressed the inherent data quality issues across Group risk and Regulatory reporting but also provided a scalable and reusable solution that could be integrated with any Business Intelligence tool for Dashboard Reporting purposes (e.g. OBIEE, Crystal Reports, Business Objects etc.)


  • Performs all data quality validation.
  • Performs the Business rules validation which, depending upon the severity of data quality, classifies the issues either in warnings or blockers.
  • Dashboard reporting using BI tools.
  • Minimal time required to implement new business rules.
  • Reduced overall project costs since there is no need to write code for project specific validations and most of the rules are reusable across various work streams.
  • Supports multiple databases (Oracle, SQL Server etc).

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Vijay Jadhav

Vijay Jadhav

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