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Digital Banking: Be Ready or Be Disrupted


Paul Forrest. Background It’s already happened in sectors such as retail and travel, but for banking the digital revolution has Read More

Big Data: The ‘Bridge’ to Success


Paul Forrest. Not realising the potential benefits of ‘Big Data’? Here, I present a little food for thought at the Read More

Operationalising Conduct Risk MI


Matt Good. Conduct risk continues to be a priority for regulators. Many firms have now made good progress in the Read More

BCBS 239 Transformation – how?


Matt Good. In my recent article, ‘Beyond the Hype: BCBS 239 & Getting it Right’, in the context of BCBS Read More

Beyond the Hype: BCBS 239 & Getting it Right


Matt Good. Let’s start with the problem with BCBS 239’s simple, there is so much hype and commentary about what’s Read More

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To lend or not to lend…is AI the answer?


Borrowing, getting credit, is an area that touches everyone in life. Once you reach an age when you can start Read More

RPA is ML…is AI…is…oh I don’t know!

RPA is ML…is AI…is…oh I don’t know!

I’ve noticed recently that Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Programming and Artificial Intelligence are terms which are being Read More

Cyber Risk: Prevention is better than cure


We’re all far too aware that Cyber Crime is developing at a phenomenal rate. What’s clear is that the Antivirus Read More

Technology – Accelerating Growth of Small and Mid-size firms


Amongst our small and mid-sized corporate client base, we are increasingly seeing that those clients that view technology as critical Read More

Offshoring made easy – the 6 rules of success.


The trouble with offshoring…. Just about everyone seems to have an offshoring horror story and the blame for failure nearly Read More

Business leaders are from Venus, IT leaders are from Mars….


Business and Technology have co-existed within organisations for as long as commerce itself. They have evolved to be intrinsically linked Read More

How the CTO can help avoid the “buyers curse” in M&A. Four steps a CTO can take to maximise the value of acquisition synergies.


Food and beverage is the nation’s largest manufacturing sector. With the need to become more efficient, companies are looking to Read More

Are SMEs ready for AI….and is AI ready for SMEs


Artificial intelligence is making more and more inroads into ordinary life, but is heavily driven by companies such as Microsoft, Read More

Do customers now prefer bots to talking to people?


A recent study has highlighted that customers actually want to talk less and less to companies. They would prefer to Read More

Chatbots for SMEs


A Chatbot is a simple programme designed to provide conversation with users – appearing as if there is a person Read More

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