1st November 2012 ACS set up OFSAA Risk and Finance Centre of Excellence, India.

Bulletin: ACS announced today that they are setting up an OFSAA Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad, India. Discussions are still on-going as to whether this facility will also be extended to Gurgaon, Delhi. The development is being provided through ACS Pvt. Ltd, the new ACS technology delivery subsidiary in India. Senior Partner, Matt Good commented:

“I am excited to announce that we are accelerating the set-up of our OFSAA centre of expertise in Hyderabad, India. This involves the creation of an OFSAA test-lab for client demonstration and interrogation and encompasses the entire Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) application set. Given the strength of the ACS Business Architecture practice, this will enable us to answer key design questions and specify unknown functional gaps for our client use – this is critical for clients to understand how best they deploy the OFSAA technology. It will also enable us to demonstrate the key dependencies between OFSAA modules and provide an overall view as to how the business and technical architecture can be integrated”.


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