16th March 2014 ACS Reshaping Consulting Industry

Bulletin: ACS recognised as one of the new breed of delivery focused consultancies that are reshaping how consulting services are delivered in the City.

“Firms such as Advanced Capability Solutions aim to offer clients the best of both worlds. Their consultants are highly skilled professionals – far more than just ‘bums on seats’ – who are capable of providing work and advice of big-firm-consultant calibre. They also come with the benefits of corporate backing, from a built-in management and accountability structure to continuing skills development. But these hybrid firms are ready and able to provide consultants on a much more flexible basis than traditional firms, whether a client is looking for a single person or a smooth-running, ready-made team. And they come with something else often lacking in consultants and contractors alike: the pride of ownership and boundless drive that come from starting and running a new venture. In many ways, the hybrid firm would seem to be the pyramid-busting, high-quality, talent-on-demand model that so many clients have been asking for…”.

Source For Consulting: March 2014, “The Rise of the Hybrid”


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