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Risk Reporting Platform

Strategic Risk and Regulatory Reporting Platform

The engagement encompassed the delivery of a single consolidated strategic platform at a Tier 1 global bank to handle Risk and Regulatory Reporting, MI reporting and other external stakeholder reporting commitments.


Post the global financial crisis, the bank had undergone massive scrutiny for their Risk management and regulatory reporting practices. To satisfy Regulators and other Stakeholders, the bank had undertaken a strategic transformation of their Risk reporting platform.

  • Legacy reporting platform had different physical instances of daily / weekly / monthly reporting.
  • Legacy reporting tool was on out-dated technology.
  • Legacy reporting process had many manual steps and dependencies for final report productions and submissions to regulators.
  • Legacy platform had many data quality and reference data issues leading to data adjustments and corrections.


  • Designed single consolidated platform for daily / weekly / monthly reporting.
  • Defined industry standard conceptual data model and data warehouse.
  • Gap analysis on data sourcing and processing mechanism to reduce data quality impact.
  • Analysed Retail and Wholesale data requirements for complete coverage of Exposures and Limits for Risk Reporting.
  • Replaced ALL regulatory reporting, including IFRS, Basel II, inflight Basel III, COREP, FINREP and other MI reporting such as Intra-Group Reporting, Large Exposure Reporting, etc. Analysed Country Risk reporting framework.
  • Gap analysis of current data feeds against data requirements..
  • Defined revised Target Operating Model for risk reporting.
  • Service level agreements with source data providers.
  • Operational level agreement with data consumers.


  • Single and common data warehouse for all Risk reporting.
  • ETL solution for Exposure v/s Limit reporting.
  • ETL solution for Collateral management and Risk Mitigation.
  • Country Risk Transfer and Reporting framework.
  • OBIEE based risk reporting for all Regulatory Reporting, COREP, Capital and other stakeholder reporting.
  • Enhanced reporting for day to day analysis for business community.
  • Automated data capture and control framework for reducing manual processes and data adjustments requirements.


  • Supported Bank’s license to operate. Improved Regulatory confidence with the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
  • Improved timing of reporting, accuracy and completeness.
  • Reduced reconciliation and data input effort and improved process workflow.
  • Reduced infrastructure maintenance and support cost due to single platform for different reporting.

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Krishan Gopal

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