Technology – Accelerating Growth of Small and Mid-size firms

Graham Burchell

Amongst our small and mid-sized corporate client base, we are increasingly seeing that those clients that view technology as critical to improving their business are physically outpacing their peers in terms of profits and business growth.

Technology innovation is accelerating at a very fast pace. The straightforward fact is that in order to compete firms need a technology infrastructure that supports and helps drive their business strategy. Typically, many firms struggle to:

– Understand how information technology solutions can help their business and springboard accelerated growth

– Contain technology costs

– Implement new solutions (e.g. ERP, mobile applications etc.)

– Integrate applications (e.g. CRM, Accounting, HR, Website, Inventory, Procurement systems)

– Get better insights from their data and management information

The clock is ticking though. As a direct result of the above challenges, business growth is often stifled. In fact, the harsh reality for many firms is that modernising their use of information technology is rapidly becoming a do or die scenario. With many industries now facing unparalleled levels of global competition, those that are failing to modernise are very frequently finding themselves out of business. The situation is exacerbated because affordable IT delivery consultancy services are not readily accessible. If you’d like to how ACS can help you then please contact me here.


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