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Programme ManagementProgramme Governance
We are able to provide you with expert portfolio / programme / project management support and training in all realms of programme management. Our consultants are all qualified MSP practitioners with a minimum of 10 years programme management experience in Risk, Finance or Treasury disciplines.

ACS programme management capability:

Our expertise includes business case preparation, benefits identification / quantification / realisation, KPI definition and tracking. Programme success is achieved by measurable outcomes, KPI’s for which are completely aligned to our granular capability models.

Our capability includes programme and project planning, RAID management, change control, cost control and version control. We can help you establish and implement a common set of PMO processes, templates and reusable components that will save you time by allowing quick programme / project start-up and progression, all with less effort than is customary. We can also develop the methodologies already used by your organisation and help you adopt recommendations from previous lessons learned

Organisations invest heavily into getting technology, team and delivery strategy right, but often assume that board membership, independent audit and quality assurance, portfolio/programme strategy and its implementation, verification/validation of status reporting and governance (legal, costs, fees, control and tracking) would automatically fall into place. This is often not the case and leaves organisations vulnerable to actions of parochial programme/project stakeholders who may not pro-actively acknowledge problems, ask for help or change strategy. The result is spiralling budgets and schedule delays.

We offer a range of services that help identify and mitigate sub-optimal practices to help pro-actively resolve strategic risks and issues at portfolio and programme governance levels.

  • Design authority (application, data, infrastructure architecture)
  • Blueprints
  • Standardisation
  • Post implementation review and best practices evangelisation
  • Vendor governance
  • Contracts, agreements and negotiations

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