Transformation Strategy

CFO’s and CRO’s today are under pressure to radically transform the efficiency and effectiveness of their finance, treasury and risk functions as they are very often comprised of inefficient, duplicated, manually intensive processes, performed on disparate systems and using data that is not fit for purpose and not integrated. In addition, global regulations such as Basel III and Dodd-Frank have forced the financial services industry to rethink. In essence, enterprise risk management, liquidity risk management, performance management and regulatory compliance have become interrelated obligations.

However, most transformations are failing because they lack the strategy for transformation. Typically, such transformations have struggled to answer the following questions:

  • What does a world class finance, treasury or risk function actually look like?
  • What capabilities and processes do I need to support my long term vision  and where are they best located?
  • How should we manage software vendors when the technology may not be up to scratch?
  • If I embark on an expensive transformation then how will I measure the programme success?

All of these questions are answered through our unique ACS Transformation Design Methodology. We partner the major technology providers in the market. By leveraging our experience, thought leadership and industry network our clients gain a new perspective in order to resolve their most daunting transformation challenges.

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